Overseas Removal Services from PERTH

Removal Services only available with CUBE iT!

Our door-to-door service includes: packing, collection and delivery by Japanese staff

Operating exclusively
with company-owned vehicles

Moving to Japan

We have negotiated our air freight rates as low as sea freight rates.(You can select either air or sea freight).
Please try our secure and prompt air freight service.

Sea freight
We deliver in approximately 60 days.
Please contact us approximately
one month prior to your departure.

Air freight
We deliver in approximately one week.
Please contact us approximately
7 to 10 days prior to your departure.

For your convenience, you can select your preferred removals company in Japan.
We offer assistance for furniture delivery or disposal on the day of your move.
We provide pet transportation services.
< We are a member of JIMA (Japan International Movers Association) >

Moving Overseas

We can also ship your goods to countries other than Japan as usual.
Please contact us to discuss this service.