Handling of personal data

(1) The Company's use of personal data

Personal data such as names, email addresses and other personal information which was obtained by the Company when receiving customer inquiries will be used by the Company to contact those customers. In addition the Company shall use the personal data in its possession within the scope necessary to fulfill the delivery services for which customers booked.

(2) Protection and management of personal data
The Company assigns managers to oversee the protection and proper management of customers' personal data.

(3) Providing personal data to third parties
The Company shall protect personal data of customers in proper management system. The Company shall not disclose, lease or provide an individual’s personal data to third parties except when consent has been obtained from the individual in question or when disclosure is required by law or regulation.

(4) Requesting disclosure of personal data 
Customers may request disclosure of their personal data which is in the Company's possession. The Company shall respond to such request upon confirming the customer’s identity or that the request has been made by the customer’s authorised representative.